Our Awesome Aussies

Meet the workers behind Oak Hill Farm of Covington, Georgia. We don’t know where we would be without the help and love of our Australian Shepherds and Australian Kelpies. We will be updating this page with more pictures of all of the dogs as well as some other interesting critters from the farm.


Our beloved Dwight passed away at almost 16 years of age. He still was capable of doing some light farm chores, like breaking the lambs up, until three days before he passed.

We are so glad that, for most of his life, he was in good health and able to play and help. Granted, he had the lighter-duty chores and we went from throwing balls and Frisbee’s high into the air to low and easy so he didn’t need to jump. However, he still loved and lived life with a smile on his Aussie face. We feel his life’s philosophy was “Smile and Laugh Often.”

Dwight’s Legacy & Offspring

Dwight left behind a legacy and some large paw prints to fill. However, we are also fortunate that he left behind a daughter, Delila. We thought Delila was going to be Dwight’s last pup, but he also managed to give us one more named Colt.

Colt is Delila’s full brother and Dwight’s last pup. He was the only pup in the litter. Jody, Colt’s mama, is an exceptionally well-bred Aussie. We are expecting great things out of Colt. Dwight also has a granddaughter, Jenny, as well as a crossbred granddaughter named Cowgirl.

Dwight’s other grandkids include his granddaughter Katie and grandson Trooper. Both are in training to be Search and Rescue dogs. They were following in their mother’s footprints (Delila) who was also in training to be a SAR dog. However, due to many other commitments, we had to stop. Now, they’re receiving training to work on the farm. Jenny, Katie, and Trooper are out of the same litter and they will all be working sheep and goats here on the farm as well.

Delila is learning to follow her father’s path. We believe she will make a good farm dog. She also did quite a bit of Search and Rescue training for Area Search and was doing awesome. Unfortunately, because of all my other time commitments, we had to stop for a while.

Travis is a half-brother to Delila. He is the son of Clay and Jody (daughter of both Colt and Delila). Travis is doing well in his herding training and hopefully he will be ready for trial soon.

Rio, a 2-year-old Kelpie, and his full sister, Rosie, are awesome dogs. As one of our first Kelpies, we are amazed at the extreme intelligence of this breed as well as the trainability. Rio is doing very well in his training will be ready for our next trial.